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Purple Dark Opal Basil Tarot Seed Packet

Purple Dark Opal Basil Tarot Seed Packet

This multifaceted basil will bring you the inner peace you have always deserved. Beautiful purple flowers with deep red stems. Provides a pleasant contrast with green basil. Great as an addition to salads, or for adding color to basil vinegars. While typically used in pasta or pesto, this basil can also be made into a therapeutic tea as it can bring healing and calm to stomach ailments. 

Non-GMO, 100% Organic, Sustainably Sourced

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Additional Details

Plant height: 12"-18" inches. Very uniform, all purple strain. Annual.

Envelope contains 15 seeds

Seeds are sustainably sourced by reputable seed stewards in the USA. We only offer seeds that are open pollinated and/or heirloom varieties.

*Due to increasingly stringent laws surrounding the import of seeds in particular to the EU countries, we are unable to ship seed orders outside USA and Canada.


Purple Dark Opal Basil (Ocimum Basilicum)

How to use

Sow seeds outdoors when soil is warm and temperature does not drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Can also be started indoors 4-6 weeks before planting outside. Make successive sowings for continuous summer supplies. Pinch back flower stalks as they appear to keep plants from bolting.

Open Pollinated
Full Sun
Plant: 1/8" deep
Space: Thin 4"-6" apart
Germination: 5-30 days
Maturity: 50-60 Days
Soil: Prefers rich well-drained soil
Hardiness: Zones 2-10

The Maker

"Sow The Magic" is a women owned and operated company that is inspired by magic, tarot and Mother Earth. They specialize in gifts for the garden lover. Made by hand in Asheville, North Carolina.

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